Sunday, January 15, 2006

How can we get intimate with the foreigner?

I read an article that will be the key to get intimate with foreigners, who feel angry about natives in thier country.
The article shows me that Chinese people, particuraly the young, are likely to read books that is written by Japanese author such as Ryu Murakami, Haruki Murakami. They enjoy them, and like Japanese author.
It is the first step to break the distance between Japanese and Chinese.
So I'm looking forward to fostering the intimate feeling from the cultural interdependence.

Finding through the class

I got two findings through the class.

the language
:the language is the obstruction that people can't communicate well.
So, the untrust between natives and foreigners can occur.

the fear of loosing our social status in society
:the fear can be a motive to exclude the foreigners.
And the discrimination and exclusion from the country or society is happened.

The problem of discriminiation is from the people's mind.
So, we need to focus on our mind.

the structure of making discrimination

The structure of making discrimination means that the children whose father is a immigrant can seldom get high status even if they do their best.

Take example for Germany where many foreigners lived. Thery come to Germany to get higher wages, and work cleaners and trash dealers German are not willing to work. During thier work, the thought that the foreighner's work is like that is fixed in German mind and German economy. So, the foregners and thier children remain to be low status in germany, though they want to get higher job.

This structure is common in the world. So, we have to close to and deal with this.


Tomorrow, the English class will be over. I feel relief, because it is hard for me to catch up with the class for two years. But in the same time, it is the beginning of challenge for me. The challenge is that I try to detect and build my English skills up. During the class, I regretted too much that I should have studied English harder. So, I see the next year for the challenge to my English.

About media on foreigners in Japan

I thought that the ethics of media is going down, when I saw the report on a place where the murder escaped. The murder was a foreigner who killed a girl in Kobe city. This report informed that this place is the area where a lot of foreigners live. This message seemed to contain a bias. This is because it wouldn’t have been spoken if the murder had been Japanese. So, it is possible that this report makes the status of foreigner down and discrimination and distrust for them get harder. Therefore, I suggest that the Media should think about the other more.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Canadian sincerely efforts

In my preparation for the class debate, I discovered the Canadian government provides many services on multicultural population. According to the Canadian heritage, the government notices that the growing diversity of the population will be essential for its institutions to examine their policies and services, and second to ensure they are accessible to all Canadian, and third, to ensure that they meet the changing needs of a multicultural Canadian population.
So, the government organized a sector to provide practical approach for the public servants, learning event such as black history month which introduce the black’s sacrificed history and honor them. But these sincerely efforts impress me as end of the government service on multiculturalism. Although the government tries so hard, some regions in Canada want to be independent. Quebec is one of just examples. And I guess the expenditure for these services get to be burden for the government. So multiculturalism has limitation which we have difficulty in eliminating….
What should we do on ethnic, cultural diversity?

Where is discrimination from?

I think the origin of discrimination is fear of loosing our social status in society. In our society, people try to get the firm status. Social status is to identify one in human relation. His or her career, wage are some of the examples. When the newcomer comes in a society, some in this society feel uneasy whether their status looses. Then, they try to eliminate the newcomer. In other words, the discrimination is occurred. This process of discrimination is often seen around us. For example, bully in school, boycott in small village, and competition in workplace and prejudice to the foreign people….
I think this fear is difficult to solve. The key point to prevent the discrimination is communication between the newcomer and people in society. With communication, they may know the newcomer is not threat to them.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

About the film

After watching the film, aout the elimination of Balablok. I got two impressions.

First, the fight between the circle and the rectangle resulted from their misunderstanding about each customs. In this film, the circle didn't do greeting with the rectangle. And the rerctangle started to bully the circle. I think, the circle didn't know the rectangle's custom. So, the circle didn't do that. And the rectangle didn't know the circle's custom which may not do greeting too. So the rectangle did that.
I think this situation is happend in the world regardless of national origin. That is, this problem is common for our lives. The newcomer's isolation from the regional people is a good example. If the newcomer don't know the rule to greet the important man with some gifts, he is ignored by people around them.

Second, the transformation from the rectangle to the other one after the fight was incomprehensive for me. I thought this scene is something like ethnic cleansing. But, in this scene, both of the rectangle and the circle are changed. So, my thought was beside the point. If some readers know this film, please tell me your unique interpretation on this scene!

Anyway, this film gave me many oppotunities to interpretate each scens. So, this film was so interesting for me!